accurate fov (crucial)
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sb70 25th Aug 2016

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Also linked up @ reddit, accurate field of view/aspect ratio tweak for nr2003 by thebencrazy (video) - ... amp;

what this achieves is accurate perspective behind the wheel in sim. One of the early reviews for nr2003 back when it was released contained a comment that summed up the default fov - "the perspective is like driving from the back seat of a station wagon" you can see in the side by sides below why it's crucial to tweak the fov. example cup12 mod dmr (images make take a sec to load, 1280 x 720 png) -

both the rear view mirror and directional pan left/right retain their function. nascar 'cam_hack' is supported by all windows os although I've never tested it on mac. If you have any difficulty getting the hack to fuction or adjusting the fov, leave some comments here or @ reddit - ... r2003/

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