ASA90 (American Speed Association)

Early 2012 I decided to re-visit the asa mod as another sort of experimental side project. Early progress below would be a new Thunderbird template nearing completion in 2048 resolution. This would be the prototype of further temps in 2048, the nose/bumper sections combined with the bare alloy panels would serve as base layer on the templates. The alloy base could be painted over entirely, or combined with certain elements such as the finish/bumper extensions for desired effect.

Planned in series:

  • Thunderbird 
  • Camaro
  • Firebird
  • Cutlass

None of the above alloy layer was utilized for the body save for the decals. This is where I discovered a true alloy base layer has all sorts of applications (sort of like a template in of itself mapping light captured on the models surface) Without getting into the modern day wrapping process (which wouldn't apply to this era anyway) -- the idea is to make the vinyl decals distinguishable from the painted surface of the body.

The end effect was a more glossy quality for decaling (contingencies, lettering, and door numbers) This was achieved by isolating the areas of the decals where they would be positioned on the alloy layer, then further tweaking those areas metallic properties, and lastly applying them as special layers over the decaling. End result is the decals achieve their own texture identity in relation to (technically on top of) the paint finish. With a little experimenting this also can lend more realism to neon properties for door numbers as seen on the model above. Where this project is at present:

  • new ground up template in 2048 resolution (some parts borrowed over from past dmr cup temps such as the 2d exhaust)
  • new wheel & tire package as shown above

Upcoming in the template phase:

  • alternate wheel rims (preferably black & color drop set)
  • manufacture/model options (sticker-lights, contingencies, call outs, etc.)
  • wear options